Is my network/bandwidth suitable to host or play a kahoot?

Checking your network

You can test to see if Kahoot! can be played on your network at:

That webpage will tell if your setup is prepared for Kahoot! or not.

Of key importance, make sure that Websockets is "true" and Log is "Connected".

If Websockets is "false", you can still play if Log is "Connected". But you may experience a very high rate of people disconnecting.

Otherwise, please check our required network configurations.

Checking your bandwidth

Kahoot! can be hosted and played using most high-speed internet or 3G/4G data connections. You can even have players mixed on different connection types (say, some on wifi and some on 4G).

Based on past usage, we recommend the following minimum data transfer rates (up and down link speed) per number of players on a single internet connection:

(No. of players / Recommended Mbps)

- 10 players / 1 Mbps
- 20 players / 2 Mbps
- 50 players / 3 Mbps
- 100 players / 5 Mbps
- 200 players / 10 Mbps
- 500 players / 23 Mbps
- 1000 players / 45 Mbps

Beyond those recommendations, it's worth noting that each answer can generate up to 1 Kb in traffic (upload & download) per device. As a reminder, the above recommendations are minimums. Ideally, you should exceed (not meet) them to ensure stable gameplay.

Additional tips

- Having the computer that's hosting the kahoot connected to the internet via a wired Ethernet connection generally increases stability.

- If planning to have more than 1000 joining your kahoot, please check out this article.

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