What is a Jumble?

Jumble questions come with a twist, by challenging players to place answers in the correct order rather than selecting one correct answer.

In order to get this fun new experience out quickly, downloadable results are not currently available. We will develop new results for Jumble as quickly as possible.

Also know that Jumble is not usable with Team Mode or Ghost Mode.

Where can I try a Jumble?

Access and follow our Jumble Profile to get quick access to our Jumbles at any time!

How do I make a Jumble?

1) Hit the ‘New K!’ button and select the shiny new ‘Jumble’ icon.

2) Add a title, description with tags, audience and cover image just like you would with a quiz or survey kahoot.

3) Start adding your Jumble questions! Be sure to add your answers in the correct sequential order - we’ll automatically randomize them during the game!

4) Save and play your Jumble kahoot. Get creating now!

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