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I'm a language teacher, and I like Kahoot. Like most language teachers, I have a lot of pre-made multiple choice excercises already done for different purposes.
When creating a Kahoot I have to fill in question and answers one by one, and they stay there, in a separate file stored in server.
I'll find it extremely more useful if I could have questions and the four answers filled from an external, easy manageable source, like a GSheet or similar.
If I'll have that, I could have dozens of pre-made quizzes for my students uploaded on Kahoot, and I'll use it a lot more.
The difference in spending time copying five texts from a pre-made excercise (question and four possible answers) x 10 questions (50 copypaste operations) could be reduced to JUST ONE: insert a link to a GSheet which contains the pre-made question and answer I have already created for pdf.
Moreover: if the questions and answers were uploaded from an external source, you'll be able to correct, filter or change them only once, on the source table, keeping the Kahoot coherent with your changes without any delay or copypaste. Finally, you'll have in a single sheet an useful overview of the entire excercise, which makes much easier to reason on it.
Most - if not all - similar softwares have the same lack of functionality (take a look at Flippity, for an exception!), and probably creators don't realize the handicap it represents.
Please mind: the "import" function certainly is an improvement, sure, but still not a solution.

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    Me and adrian are in the same class and it messed up because the website really trash and crappie

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    how to f*cking make a khoot dothe sign in stuff and jou get the message email all ready exists

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    It wont let me log into school account when my homeroom teacher said " use your school accounts for a little bit of a kahoot " and plus my school account isn't working aanyways

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