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  1. Getting started 

    1. Who and what is behind Kahoot!
    2. Does Kahoot! collect personal info from children
    3. Does Kahoot! meet accessibility standards?
    4. Is there an app?
    5. Is Kahoot! free? How does Kahoot! make money?
  2. Managing accounts 

    1. How do I delete my account?
    2. Can’t sign in, username/password not working
    3. What are public profiles?
    4. What does it mean to have an "under 16" account?
  3. Kahoot! Plus 

    1. What’s different between Kahoot! and Kahoot! Plus?
    2. What’s different between admin and trainer roles?
    3. How do I create or upgrade to a Kahoot! Plus account?
    4. How do I change my organization’s name or logos?
    5. How do I add my logo to games?
  4. Playing kahoots 

    1. How to find a game PIN
    2. Why aren't questions/answers shown on student screens?
    3. How to download game results
    4. How to handle inappropriate nicknames
    5. How to turn off points on a question
  5. Mobile apps 

    1. Is the app available for my device?
    2. Do I need an account to use the mobile app?
    3. Can I play live kahoots in the mobile app?
    4. What are the new game modes in the app?
    5. How do I find public kahoots or my kahoots?
  6. Challenges and homework 

    1. What is a “challenge”? Why use challenges for homework?
    2. How do I create and share a challenge?
    3. How do I get reports with results of my challenges?
    4. How are challenges played?
    5. Can challenges be played on the computer?
  7. Creating kahoots 

    1. What are the different kahoot types for?
    2. How to edit a kahoot that's already created
    3. How to set correct answers in the create tool
    4. How to adjust a question's time limit
    5. How to tag a kahoot
  8. Adding media to a kahoot 

    1. How to add/edit a cover image
    2. How to add/edit an intro video
    3. How to add/edit an image on a question
    4. How to add/edit a video on a question
    5. Image Guidelines/Tips
  9. Sharing kahoots 

    1. How to share kahoots
    2. I can't search or share kahoots
    3. How To Make Kahoots Public/Private
    4. How to copy or edit a public/shared kahoot
    5. How to find good kahoots
  10. IT and network setup 

    1. What network security settings does Kahoot! require?
    2. What internet speed should I have?
    3. What browsers work with Kahoot!?
    4. Why can't I export my results to Google Drive on IE?
    5. Why do I get a blank screen on Internet Explorer?
  11. Pedagogy 

    1. Is there a character limit on questions and answers?
    2. How many questions can I make my kahoots?
    3. What is a Blind kahoot?
    4. What is Ghost Mode?
    5. Some tips for your academic research
  12. Events, Conferences, Teachmeets, EdCamps 

    1. "Teacher of Awesome" t-shirts
  13. All articles 

    1. What network security settings does Kahoot! require?
    2. How do I delete my account?
    3. How to share kahoots
    4. How to add/edit a cover image
    5. Is there a character limit on questions and answers?
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