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Knowledge Base

  1. Getting started 

    1. Who and what is behind Kahoot!
    2. How to make and play a kahoot
    3. How do I save my Kahoot?
    4. Does Kahoot! have an app for iOS or Android?
    5. Is Kahoot! a social media tool?
  2. IT and network setup 

    1. How can I test to see if I can play Kahoot! with my current IT setup?
    2. What network configurations do I need to ensure Kahoot! can be used in my venue?
    3. How many people can play a game of Kahoot! at one time, and how much bandwidth does this require?
    4. Why can't I export my results to Google Drive on IE?
    5. Browser/Device Compatibility
  3. Managing accounts 

    1. How do I delete my account?
    2. I received an email telling me about updates, but I can't see them. Why not?
    3. I've forgotten my password
    4. I can't sign into the Kahoot Forums
    5. What does it mean to have an "under 16" account?
  4. Playing a Kahoot 

    1. Finding A Game PIN
    2. Why don't questions/answers show on student screens?
    3. I forgot to download my game results afterwards, can I still access them?
    4. My students are joining games with inappropriate nicknames, is there anything I can do to prevent this?
    5. When I launch a quiz from my iPad I can't hear any sound
  5. Creating a Kahoot 

    1. How To Duplicate Kahoots
    2. How can I edit a Kahoot I've made?
    3. How can I preview a quiz I am creating?
    4. Why do I see "empty boxes" instead of the special characters?
    5. Why is my new Kahoot still in "draft" mode, and I can't play it?
  6. Adding media to a Kahoot 

    1. Adding Media (Images/Videos/Music)
    2. Create Kahoots On Mobile/Tablet Devices
    3. Delete Image From A Question
    4. I've uploaded my images, but I can't see them when I play or on the profile page
    5. If I add a video to the lobby screen & then remove it, the lobby screen displays black with an error message
  7. Sharing Kahoots 

    1. How to share kahoots
    2. Can't Search Public Kahoots, See Featured Only
    3. How To Make Kahoots Public/Private
    4. Copy Or Edit Public/Shared Kahoots
    5. How To Search Public Kahoots
  8. Pedagogy 

    1. What is the difference between the Discussion, Survey and Quiz modes?
    2. Is there a character limit on questions and answers?
    3. How many questions can I make my kahoots?
    4. What is a Blind kahoot?
  9. Events, Conferences, Teachmeets, EdCamps 

    1. PD Resources for Training/Event with Kahoot!
    2. T-shirts & stickers
  10. All articles 

    1. How can I test to see if I can play Kahoot! with my current IT setup?
    2. How do I delete my account?
    3. Finding A Game PIN
    4. How to share kahoots
    5. Adding Media (Images/Videos/Music)
    76 articles 

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